Hampton Court

I recently went on a trip to Hampton Court Palace KT8 9AU to update my portfolio and capture some images for my entry to the upcoming annual photography competitions. I choosed this setting because of its beauty and variety of landscapes and gardens.

Below some of the shots that I took whilst there (Not the ones for the competitions!).
As you can tell it is a truly stunning, relaxing place and a great escape on the edge of London. The Palace also has a lovely cafe/restaurant which serves really tasty freshly made meals. It is the same menu as in the Tower of London as we realised visiting it the next day!
The Palace itself is very well maintained given its age (The Palace was built in 1529 and re-developed in the 18th century). I was lucky enough to catch one of the many re-enactments from medieval times which was quite refreshing and a fascinating form of street entertainment.
The gardens of Hampton Court include a rose garden, a vegetable garden, a pond garden and many others. I particularly enjoyed taking pictures of gardens. It re-kindled my love of nature photography.

I was there in the spring but the gardens are open all year around.
The back entrance to the Palace is lined by perfectly pruned trees creating a sense of a well-sculpted outdoor environment. As well as beautiful landscapes the Palace also has very friendly wildlife.