Miniature World

The idea for this project came to me a long time ago. I always used to like small things, like miniature figures, dolls etc. Usually, to create this sort of effect you use a tilt-shift lens, which costs a significant amount. To be fair, if you are a fan or you are sure you will use it as your main lens there is maybe a point to buy it, but for me, with my occasional (once a year) need to do something miniature there is not much point.
So, how did I do my usual mini dollhouse pictures? I use the blur effect on photoshop. It takes me a minute to create the right effect. In new versions of Photoshop you can find specialty blurs such as tilt shift, iris and some other interesting blurs. They are really easy to use and create almost the same effect as the tilt-shift lenses.
I would like to end it with something truly english in style....