Nice, France. Part 1

Recently I've been in the south of France - Cote d'Azur. It is known for it's superb sea, stunningly tasting food and climate. It is also home of Cannes film festival (usually May every year), which bring an incredible amount of celebrities and rich people. In this post I would like to share one (and first) of my days in stunning Nice.
After arriving in Nice, we went for a walk in the city center Jean-Médecin, which is an old town. There you can take countless numbers of tours on any kind of transport you can imagine. Keep in mind, that hiring a helicopter tour can be pricey :) I would recommend taking a small open train (obviously if the weather is good) which takes you around in relaxing and entertaining way.
The first thing you will notice is  the pastel colored buildings. The most popular colors are shades of red, yellow and blue. This creates quite a unique look which you can recognize from anywhere. It is also helps you to get into a relaxed and dreaming mood because it is simply looks like fairy tale.
We went in September, which is out of the standard tourist season, it wasn't packed with tourists. But there was still a fair amount of them.
We didn't swim or use the beach since the weather temperature was around 22 C. Although saying that the temperature of the sea was around 19-20 C so if you don't mind that you can get into the water. On the plus side there is also not much people around taking a dip, so it is quite a nice and empty swim, I presume.
Iconic building - Opéra de Nice. This superb landmark was first created in 1776 by Marquess Alli-Maccarani and has a really interesting history and truly worth visiting.
The south of France is also famous for its street markets. I am not sure what their is schedule and when they open. But we went to one in Nice center on Saturday morning.
It is quite a unique experience, most of the stuff they sell is looks vintage.
Actual prices may vary.
On this positive image I would like to end the first half of my Nice adventure.