Pre-Wedding photoshoot at the Cinema Museum.

I am very happy to announce that I am back on track with my photography. Recently I was very pleased to meet up with a wonderful couple, Kristina & Nick at the Kennington Cinema Museum. It is here the two of them have decided to commit their lives to one another and I had the privilege of going through the venue with them in preparation for the big day, as my standard pre-wedding location viewing. The venue is a splendid old-fashion museum with tons of vintage pieces in it and the atomosphere and spirit of that era. The site lends itself to a unique style of photography utilising rustic and vintage colours and I very much look forward to capturing their big day using my repoitoire of skills to put across this atmosphere. They have kindly given me permission to share some of their pre-wedding shoot with you.

The museum also has a shop where you can purchase vintage books, vinyls, posters and other memorabilia. I would definitely recommend a visit!
We also worked on some lovely black and white effect to help capture the mood of the museum.