How do we start? Personal contact is of most importance as I do prefer to meet in person beforehand, if possible. After we agree to work together, I will send you  an agreement which is to be signed and returned to me with a deposit, the balance to be paid on completion of the shoot.


How many pictures we will get? This is different for each photo shoot.


Do you work out of town? Yes I do. I am based in Birmingham but am happy to travel should it be required.


Do you charge for travel? There is no charge for travel in the city, but if you based outside there might be a charge.


Why do you do a retainer? Is it an extra or included in the price? The retainer is included in the price. I charge this because I have less days available than people who want to hire me. The retainer is non-refundable if you cancel less than a few weeks prior to the date. 


Will you personally shoot our project or will it be someone else? Yes, most of the time it will be shot by me. I’m not an agency and I personally guarantee the quality of the picturesIf there is a problem, I always have an replacement photographer on hold.


When we will get our pictures? Your  wedding photos will be ready in an average of 2 months.  It takes time because I work with each picture individually. Albums will be ready in 3 weeks after you accept the layout design (excluding time for posting and printing). Waiting times for the individual projects usually negotiable prior to the date.


How far in advance should we book you for your wedding? Usually it’s a minimum 2-4 month but the best way is to book me as soon as you know your date. Sometimes I’m contacted a few times a day about the same wedding date. 


Do you do video? Unfortunately no. I’m focusing fully on photography.






As a photographer, I think it is more important to create emotional and real moments.